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Events + Subscribers + Views = Value to Advertisers

What makes us unique? We are the only AD AGENCY that offers a diverse ecosystem that combines in-person Cosplay marketing with media and streaming Ad-Vertainment strategies for total branded entertainment awareness of your messaging.

The programming team at AfterHours EM begins by finding the audience that cares through targeted events nationally and internationally based on the demographic and regional strategies of our brand partners.  We then match those demographics with our streaming channel platforms and social media campaign analytics to find the perfect media match that will reach that audience base resulting in razor sharp brand integration that builds familiarity and loyalty for a higher conversion rate.

Whether it’s the next Comic Con Convention, Apparel Convention, Liquor Brand Event or Book Expo, your brand can be represented exclusively at that event.  We then match your brand with any number of Ad-Vertainment strategies including producing original ‘Too Hot For Tv’ ads that are proven to be highly successful on social media for continued ROI for years to come.  Just click ‘banned commercials’ on Youtube see the millions of views for yourself!


Refined Entertainment Marketing with Detailed Analytic Tracking

Geo-Targeted Cosplay Event Marketing

Our packages include targeting events regionally, nationally and internationally based on the exposure and foot-traffic needs of your brand!

Streaming TV Channel Promotions

From custom 'Too Hot for Tv' Ad-vertainment on AfterHours HD Tv and CLUB TV to your own branded Tv channel, get exposed to millions of Tv viewers worldwide!

Social Media Synced to Popular Cosplayers

Your brand is promoted across the entire social media landscape and sync to Cosplayers with large fan bases ensuring everyone is exposed and excited to your messaging.

Promotional Campaigns

From newsletter campaigns to our growing database, to sponsored giveaways online and at events, your brand awareness is spread across an entire ecosystem.

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East Coast Sample

Baltimore Comic Con - 15,000+ Attendees

Dragon*Con - 63,000+ Attendees

New York Comic Con - 170,000+ Attendees


Las Vegas Sample

Nightclub and Bar Show - 39,000+ Attendees

NAB - 103,000+ Attendees

Automotive Aftermarket - 140,000+ Attendees


University Sample

UPenn's Spring Fling

University Of Colorado, Boulder: 4/20 Smoke-Out

University Of Tampa: Gaspirilla


International Sample

SXSW Gaming Expo

Gamer Expo Hawaii


  • Cosplayers have even succeeded where marketing failed.

    - Liana Kerzner

    Writer, The Escapist Magazine.

  • The more quality touchpoints you offer prospects, the more likely you’ll be to convert them into clients.

    - John Hall

    CEO, Influence & Co.

  • Having an in-person marketing experience is one of the most important ingredients to success.

    - Amber Ginop

    Alabama Media Group

  • 89% say events still hold some level of importance and value for their organization.

    - Vahe Habeshian



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